Become a Jesuit

The call to be a Jesuit is a call to follow Jesus Christ in the footsteps of St. Ignatius Loyola: 

  • bringing faith to a world that is full of doubt
  • witnessing to hope in an age which so often lacks vision
  • reaching out in love especially to those forgotten or on the margins.

When we speak of vocation, we recall Jesus calling the apostles. Jesuits strive to live as Jesus did, answering his call to give one’s life for others, working for the promotion of faith, which goes hand in hand with a concern for justice, in many countries and cultures.

In the Jesuit tradition, this requires a good formation for deepening one’s spirituality and knowledge to better serve the mission of Christ.

The Jesuits invite you to listen to your desires to live life to the fullest and imagine yourself sharing your gifts for the transformation of the world and the advancing of the Kingdom of God, as a lifetime project in the Society of Jesus.

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