These words, printed on the cover of a small album of photos and messages from former tertians, sum up the spirit of a simple yet meaningful celebration held at the European Tertianship at Manresa House Dublin, on the 18th of May. It was a celebration marking the end of the tertianship programme that had started eight months previously, in September 2017. The group was made up of 11 tertians from 11 different countries, the most international group ever, and the celebration was presided by Fr Frank Janin, the CEP President and our major superior who was here on his annual visitation. But what is an annual celebration this year had a special character: it was a farewell to Jan van de Poll, one of the founders, together with the late Joe Dargan, of the European Tertianship programme,  who will leave the tertianship after 12 years at the helm.  We wished it to be a surprise, and we succeeded. We invited the Jesuits of Dublin, including the Provincial, Fr Leonard Moloney, together with the staff of the house and our Ireland based lecturers, besides a couple of Jan’s friends. Most of those we invited gladly accepted, and this unexpected turnout left Jan, as he said during the mass, flabbergasted. We also wrote to former tertians whose address we could find, and to one of his brothers, asking for photos and a short message.  Here too the response was excellent, a sign of the esteem and love in which Jan is held by his former tertians. We even had a short video message from Fr John Dardis, former Irish Provincial and CEP President. Xavier Zong, our tertian from China, worked hard to put all this together, and produced a 48-page book which was presented to Jan at the end of the celebration. Two messages sent for this occasion sum up the gratitude and joy we felt on that day: Fr Jose’ Magadia, Fr General's assistant for formation, wrote, Jan, by helping to open spaces in the hearts of a whole generation of Jesuits from all over the world, you have made possible the sending forth of men with renewed energy for mission. Wow!!! … grazie mille! And as one tertian said, Tertianship and life are full of mysteries... But the good Angel gives some key to approach them. Jan, thank you. May God bless you Jan, and welcome to Tom McGuinness (BRI), the new tertian instructor who will join Paul Pace (EUM) in Dublin.
During a three day conference Jesuits and friends took on a common discernment on the future of the Apostolic Works of the Society in Flanders and The Netherlands. There were 24 Jesuits participants, of whom 19 younger than 65, and nine Partners in Mission who work for the Jesuits or serve on the board of a Jesuit work.   More than one year ago reflection had started on the desirability of continued Jesuit support for more than thirty Ignatian works in the Region ELC.  Each apostolic work had been asked to state clearly what they expect from the Jesuits in terms of manpower, finances and formation. Likewise they should state what they contribute to the SJ in its mission and in fields like promotion of vocations and support of other Jesuit ministries. All participants had read the answers in advance, they prayed individually and in group over possible outcomes, and weighed arguments pro and con of concrete proposals.  It were three days of information exchange, trust  building and a growth of appreciation of each other's work and motivation. The consult of the Region will give further  advice and the Regional Superior is expected to come with decisions during the summer. 
Choosing a university course, a profession, one's vocation and putting order in one's life: these are the themes of the two meetings which were organized on May 9th and 16th at the Istituto Massimo dagli Scout d’Europa of the western region of Rome, in collaboration with the Centre for Ignatian Spirituality. About 100 young people between the ages of 16 and 30 took part in it, coming from 12 different groups in Rome. The essential elements of Ignatian discernment and spirituality were presented by Fr Renato Colizzi SJ. There was also time allocated for testimonies and dialogue with those present.
If picking up litter doesn’t sound your ideal as a suitable preparation for a feast, you may want to think again. St Wilfrid’s (Preston, BRI) organised a ‘Litter Picking Novena’ leading up to the celebration of Pentecost on Sunday the 20th of May. The project was part of the parish’s Live Simply/Laudato si’ efforts. “The ‘novena’ language is partly in jest, but also suggests that attending to the needs of our polluted common ‘home’ is both a prayer and a work of mercy, if people want to make it so," explains Fr Peter Randall, Assistant Parish Priest at St Wilfrid’s. It was never easy to find a date and time acceptable to everyone for a common ecumenical or inter-faith work that serves the local area. But a nine day period, when people could opt in when convenient, and link with others 'as and when' seemed worth a try. Shirley Russo worked with South Ribble Council to establish a route with two collection points for the Council to collect bags with litter for recycling, and bags with other rubbish. She also contacted local churches for a collaborative effort, while Fr Stephen contacted a local mosque. “It's a bit late to be searching for litter as the undergrowth by this time of the year makes it difficult to spot,” says Fr Peter. “However, under the trees, and where there are remains of camps where people have been sleeping out provide a range of litter, some of which has been lying for years. It's now in bags, and ready for collection, and there's something of restitution and reconciliation in such a simple action.” The featured photo illustrates one of the final moments of the collection - when many of the bags were already taken away - with Shirley Russo and Margaret Nelson from the Faith and Justice Group guarding the fruits of the team labour on the last day. "Fr Peter came up with a good name for us - the Prombles of Preston - so I would add to this that we are the northern cousins of the Wombles of Wimbledon" Shirley jokes. She talks about the fantastic experience it has been on all counts, as a community and parish. Because it was organised as a joint work with other local Faith Groups, it has been as well a positive exercise of coming together for our ‘Common Home’ regardless of individual beliefs. “Groups received positive comments from the public as they were litter picking, thanked for taking the time to clean up” Shirley says. “Hopefully this will inspire people to think twice about dropping rubbish and recycling. We aim to do this again next year slightly earlier or later in the Autumn/Fall perhaps.” Read also about the heartfelt talk on Laudato si' hosted by St Wilfrid’s, as part of the parish’s commitment to Live Simply.
An initiative of the Christian Life Community in Poland. During four weeks participants will listen to conferences and meditation introductions, broadcasted three times a day on the waves of Radio Warszawa. The inaugural Mass was celebrated in the sanctuary of St. Andrew Bobola and presided by the programme director of the radio station, Fr Mariusz Wedziuk. He encouraged the participants of the retreat, according to the teaching of St. Ignatius Loyola to enter the time of spiritual exercises with generosity and magnanimity, allowing themselves to be guided by God. The purpose of the retreat is our conversion, which has to consist in an ever deeper dedication to Jesus, in adhering to his person," He pointed out that the right attitude of heart of the person who enters the time of Ignatian exercises is also a valuable help. Let this generosity be expressed in giving the Lord full trust in his past, present and future," encouraged Radio Warszawa. In his homily, Father Adam Schulz, the ecclesiastical assistant of the Community of Christian Life, pointed out that every good is a fruit of God's action in man. Our good intentions and efforts are not enough. The need to cooperate with the Holy Spirit," he pointed out. Fr. Schulz SJ pointed to Ignatius retreats as an effective tool for organizing one's interior in order to get to know God and His guidance better. We know the doctrine, we know the teachings of the Church, but it is an art to be able to embody what we know in life. So we all need to learn: How does God guide me in loving others? What expression should shape have the goodness that is to be expressed in my life? He emphasized that the Holy Spirit is very creative in his actions, hence the need to be able to discern. He is not an automaton, but he guides us in a different way every day," said Fr. Schulz. This year, the main idea of the spiritual exercises are the words "If you want to find a source" - taken from the triptych of St. John Paul II.
Since General Congregation 36 Fr. General Arturo Sosa has started a wordwide process to discern Universal Apostolic Preferences for the period 2019-2029. At our Curia in Rome, this process is supported by Fr. John Dardis, General Counciller for Discernment and Apostolic Planning. To foster this project a website has been developed in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian  What’s a Universal Preference? he letters of Fr. General Arturo Sosa A Call to Conversion Establishing a Discernment Process Examen of the Previous Five Preferences Praying about Universal Apostolic Preferences Sharing about Prayer Linking to Universality Final Prayer


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