Jesuits in Ankara are mainly at the service of the Catholic Parish of the Turkish capital, comprising both foreigners and locals, where they focus on pastoral work in Turkish. More largely, they help the local Church by offering formations, retreats and publications. They are also involved in ecumenical dialogue with Eastern Christians and with Protestants, and in interreligious dialogue with Muslims.

Fr. Alexis Doucet is at the service of the Turkish-speaking Christian community in Ankara. In spite of the Covid which has strongly affected the level of religious practice of many of the Christians in the region, he continues to receive "masked" many curious people and he spends a certain amount of time responding to the many messages he receives via social networks. Fr. Alexis Doucet and Pope Francis For the last 8 months, the elderly and frail people have stopped coming to church, only the young and the most "motivated" have been coming. Masses with an audience were interrupted in the spring. They have since resumed, as has the Christian formation of pre-catechumens and catechumens, which is partly done by skype or zoom. He recounts that in September he celebrated two funerals connected with Covid, which were held directly at the cemetery without assistance, and that it was particularly sad, reflecting the general situation in the world. On the other hand, Father Doucet spends his time writing, first of all the Miras, a Turkish Christian spirituality magazine. Miras is a collaboration. The Society supports the magazine financially, thanks to those who give to the Society. He writes articles on subjects as varied as happiness, healing, persecutions, prayer, spiritual warfare, Christmas... He discovers the joys and sorrows of working with the Turks but also with the evangelical Protestant world. He is currently finishing the rewriting in Turkish of Tom Michel's book "Introduction to Christendom". He is also preparing a small book in Turkish on Christian mysticism. Remarkably, he is very active on the internet to offer quality Christian "content" in Turkish (Wikipedia, Daily Gopel in its Turkish version...).
Fr. Paolo Bizzeti, Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia Fr. General Arturo Sosa has entrusted the responsibility for the mission of the Society of Jesus in Turkey to the Conference of European Provincials (JCEP) and thus to Father Franck Janin as Major Superior. This regulation is initially valid for three years from April 1, 2019 ad experimentum. In a letter of 11.02.2019 Fr. General points out that Pope Francis, who in 2015 appointed Fr. Paolo Bizzeti a Jesuit as Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia, insists that the Order continue its mission in this country. After the territorial expansion (North Africa, the Holy Land and Jordan), the Middle East Province alone was no longer able to do so. In October Father General had invited to a meeting in the Curia in which 19 Jesuits participated, among them Father Franck Janin and several Provincials. Father Franck Janin thanked Father Dany Younès and the Middle East Province for their commitment so far and called the decision an "important step" for the Provincial Conference after the responsibility for the community and works in Brussels and the European Tertianship in Dublin. "I truly hope that together we will be able to meet the challenges of society's presence in this region. Let us pray for our two companions who currently live in Ankara".