Jesuits connected with the Charismatic Renewal

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a spiritual movement that places an emphasis on having a personal relationship with Jesus and expressing the gifts of the Spirit.

As Jesuits, we are involved in the prayer meetings and guidance of several Charismatic groups across the continent.

This Euro-group meets every year and gives the Jesuits involved the opportunity to share their experiences, pray together and deepen some aspects of the spiritual life of the movement.

From 6 to 8 April 2018, 16 European Jesuits involved in the Charismatical Renewal met in Paray le Monial for an annual meeting. Were present: an Irishman, a Congolese doing a PhD in Paris, a French, a Walloon and Flemish Jesuits. A Polish, a German and an English Jesuit were absent due to the train strike, among other reasons. We prayed together and shared our charismatic experiences with retreats, inner healing and exorcism. Among us were three exorcists, IET professors, retreat leaders and a brother responsible for CRIABD, the religious comic strip supporting association. We have concelebrated, once in the chapel of Saint Claude de la Colombière, and once with the Sisters of the Visitation, each time with a full church, pilgrims for the Sunday of Mercy. Since 1977, we have come together to share or listen to conferences. Many of us have been appointed by the bishops to be responsible for diocesan prayer groups. Cardinal Suenens had asked Fr. General Arrupe for Jesuits for discernment in prayer groups and communities. On the picture we are staying behind the shrine of Saint Claude de la Colombière and Saint Margaret Mary in the background. There is a publication available with testimonies of 30 Jesuits from the Charismatic Renewal.