MAGIS - for some an already well-known quality brand, for everyone else something unknown.

So, let’s just assume you belong to the second group of people. First question to ask yourself: am I still free from August 7 to 15, 2021? If yes, get up and rejoice, then continue reading. If no, still continue reading and then try and free yourself of everything that is still standing between you and a once-in-a-lifetime experience at MAGIS Europe 2021.

Organized by the Hungarian Jesuits (with the help of other Jesuits and sisters from several Ignatian congregations) MAGIS is a summer program for everyone between 18 and 35 who wants to have an extraordinarily great time with people from all over Europe (sometimes other continents too) and of course, with God!

Based on Ignatian spirituality, the MAGIS event has two parts: Ignatian experiments and the closing event. Everything you do during MAGIS is designed to help you grow spiritually and as a human being (while having lots of fun, of course). During the experiments you will be encouraged to experience yourself in a new way: you’ll find yourself in unusual situations, maybe requiring you to go beyond your comfort zone. You’ll probably realize that teamwork is essential while making friends with people from many different countries and discovering that we all belong to one international community of human beings.

The experiments (August 7-13) will take place in Hungary and in the neighboring Slovakia. Everyone will participate in one of the 12 experiments which can be roughly grouped into the following categories: pilgrimage, spirituality, service, arts, culture and ecology. For the closing event (August 13-15) in Miskolc (Hungary), all participants from all experiments will gather and celebrate LIFE - our Living God - together.

The central theme of MAGIS 2021 will be the conversion of Saint Ignatius: “To see all things new in Christ”. The year 2021 is the 500th anniversary of his conversion: his transformation from a noble knight at the siege of Pamplona to a humble pilgrim, the companion of Jesus.

The MAGIS event is also inspired by the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, Hungary, and also from the first of the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus: „To show the way to God”. Throughout the meeting we would like to discover the Eucharistic aspect of the Ignatian spirituality in depth.

Congratulations, you made it through this text. :-) So you will not be shocked to read that the event will be held entirely in English and that you need a sufficiently high level of English in order to fully enjoy MAGIS. So, get your diary and mark August 7-15, 2021! The registration to the event is expected to open around Easter 2021.

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MAGIS Europe 2019 in Lithuania and Latvia. More than 210 participants from 25 countries came together “to know, love and share” in Magis Europe 2019 summer event. The Ignatian program for young adults took place in Lithuania and Latvia from the 23rd till the 31st of July, 2019. This year 2019 marks the 450th anniversary of the Jesuit Mission in Lithuania and The Magis Europe 2019 event became one of the key parts of this celebration. The program was based on the official theme of the anniversary year “To know, love and share”. The event was also linked to the world Magis 2019 program and the World Youth Days in Panama. Magis Europe in Lithuania and Latvia was divided in two parts: Magis experiments and the Closing Festival. Experiments There were proposed 11 different experiments, grouped in the categories: Pilgrimage, Ecology, Service, Spirituality, Arts and Culture. The Ecology experiments invited to focus on the practical ways of relating Catholic faith with personal ecology through environmental workshops and education. These experiments were inspired by the impulses from Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si” and his call to foster inner spiritual ecology. In the three Pilgrimage experiments young adults not only walked, but also canoed and cycled their way through different terrains in Lithuania and Latvia. Pilgrimages took place on the way of Santiago de Compostela, as well as on the beautiful Lithuanian seaside in Curonian Spit and in the “blue lakes land” area in Latvia. Participants who chose the category of Arts and Culture attended Choir, Taizé music, Theater and Food experiments. Young people were invited to reach out to God through worship, improvisation and even through the preparation of food. An important part of these experiments was sharing the fruits of these experiences - music, acting performances and food - with others. The Spirituality experiment invited young people to explore the ‘more’ of God in the beauty of silence. Participants had the possibility to take a break from the chaos and noise of the modern world and concentrate only on the inner spiritual movements. Mother Teresa’s sisters welcomed Magis participants in Riga for a Service experiment. Young people were invited to join the sisters in their daily acts of kindness for the homeless, addicted and for the children from the socially challenged families. Closing Festival After the fruitful and moving Magis experiments participants gathered in Kaunas, Lithuania for the celebration of the Closing Festival. Young people participated in the Evening of Reconciliation with the Lithuanian Youth Days choir. Next day participants attended Magis education workshops, Kaunas tours and took part in the choir Exaudi concert-meditation "The Face of Christ" which is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. The evening was dedicated to get a glimpse and taste of Central American culture through traditional music, food and drinks. Magis Europe 2019 was closed on the 31st of July with an uplifting celebration of the Solemnity of St. Ignatius. Also, the announcement of an invitation to the next Magis event was made - Magis Europe 2020 will take place in Hungary from the 1st to the 9th of August. Remember to book these dates in your Magis calendar!
On the 12 of January 2019 a group of 23 Spanish pilgrims arrived in El Salvador to take part in the first stage of what would be a nine-day experience that would connect them with other youth from around the world.  Even though these young people came from different faith groups, different universities, and different cities from around Spain, they had been brought together by their common Ignatian spirituality and the MAG+S Pastoral Network. As they embarked on this adventure, they shared a common feeling that the motto of this MAG+S 2019, "Your word transforms", was a also a promise. Yet, after a (relatively) short flight across the Atlantic, it was already time to break apart their new community. Mixing together with Colombian, Salvadoran, Korean, and Uruguayan pilgrims, the Spanish group spread out across El Salvador in search of an encounter with this country's beautiful culture and unique spirituality. Mª Victoria Paredes and Rocío Bellido remember “We divided and mixed (with other groups) to get to know the Salvadoran reality and history. When we say that we “got to know” (this Salvadoran reality), we really mean that we were ´welcomed` into the Salvadoran and the MAGIS communities. Through their testimonies, their lives, the struggles they shared and their desire to keep the spirit of San Óscar Romero alive... we could truly feel God throughout the experience and in our hearts”. Friends in the Lord This “MAGIS” spirit of welcome, openness, and faith continued when the Spanish pilgrims reunited in Panama.  They had an opportunity to introduce each other to the new “friends in the Lord” that they had made in El Salvador while also being welcomed, once again, into the homes of their host families around the city.  Over the next few days almost 1,000 Ignatian pilgrims from all over the world, including several delegations from Europe, shared in cultural and spiritual activities as well as continuing to explore the Ignatian spirituality that connected them as MAGIS youth.  Fr. General In his homily on the last day of MAGIS 2019, Father General Arturo Sosa S.J. thanked the pilgrims for opening themselves to the movements of this MAGIS spirit, that had invited them to leave their homes and travel to Panama, saying that openness “makes us creators and transformers because we participate in the emergence of something new.”  In fact, across Europe, the spirit of MAGIS is continuing to inspire and reverberate and has inspired something new. In Spain, for instance, "MAG+S" has become a proposal for the faith life of our young people, a way of living their faith, inspired by Ignatian spirituality, in their daily life. The MAG+S Pastoral program includes one-time experiences and weekly faith groups and continues to invite our young people to be, as Pope Francis invited them on World Youth Day, “The 'influencers' Of God ' in a world.” For Lucia Gómez-Lavín, this MAG+S program offered a way to stay connected to the experience she had in Central America and continue to explore her faith. She explains “I had spent the past year and a half studying outside of Spain and that meant that I become disconnected from the community I had in Madrid… one of the fruits that I am collecting from MAGIS and World Youth Day is the chance to reconnect with this community, I want to  get involved again.” When Lucia returned to Madrid, she found that community of Ignatian young people was waiting to welcome her, just as she was welcomed in El Salvador and Panama. The same spirit that moved her during MAGIS 2019 and WYD was moving in countless classmates back in Spain. John Byrd and Almudena Moral Alcaraz, MAG+S Pastoral Office, Madrid, Spain
The pastoral Ministry of the Province of Spain held 10 Easter meetings for 700 young people. The meetings were in many places and formats, but with the same spirit: contemplate and share, to accompany and serve Jesus and others. For a young person who wants to follow Jesus in a demanding and hurried world, living Easter authentically is a unique and central occasion in his journey of faith. Easter has moments of prayer and personal accompaniment, time to share in groups and celebrations with the liturgy of the paschal triduum.
During Magis Central Europe 2017 17 experiments took place in the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Kosovo, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. On Sunday 23 of July the summer meeting of Magis CE 2017 has officially ended. Participants were coming to Prague from their experiments during the afternoon on Thursday afternoon. The opening evening began with a blessing from father Jan Regner, SJ for the upcoming days. Then the program continued with a dance evening with an opportunity to learn some Czech folk dances and also listen to folk music performed by a folk band from Hradec Králové. On Friday participants were invited to listen to and then join with their own questions a panel discussion on the topic: „Contemplative in action and what comes next?“. Father Waldek Los, SJ from Poland, sister Dorothea Gnau from Austria, and mister Danas Viluckas from Lithuania shared their experiences with being contemplative in action in their own lives. Reconciliation Later that day Evening of reconciliation took place. It was prepared by the Chemin Neuf community in the Church of St Ignatius. There was space for individual prayer, reflection or confession all in a meditative atmosphere with music. Saturday morning was time for discovering beautiful places connected with Jesuits in Prague during Prague city game. Participants divided into smaller groups visited the Church of St. Nicholas, the Church of St Bartholomew, the Charles bridge and many other places, on which they had to complete various tasks requiring cooperation in the small groups, in the end, they all joined common Eucharist in the Church of St. Ignatius celebrated by father F. Hylmar SJ. Festival of Nations Later that day participants could get to know better cultures of other nationalities during a Festival of nations. The festival started with a spontaneous street dance party in front of the church lead by the Hungarian and Polish groups and continued by beautiful performances of dance, music, traditional foods and presenting some interesting information about countries in form of videos, quizies, and others. Sunday morning continued in a joyful mood when participants set off for the final part of the program - boat trip on the Vltava river. This was a symbol and invitation to set out for a journey and ignite the world. „The boats were reminding us about missionaries who sailed to the far islands and lands,“ said father Jan Regner SJ a Jesuit who was part of the team organizing Magis CE 2017. He reminded this mission to participants also in his homily saying that to be the yeast of the world as said in gospel means to bring hope, joy, and peace to this world. This was also meant as an invitation to join the „Magis of everyday life“ which started on that very same day and is unique for every participant. Read also 'Magis in Poland' 
Between the 24th and the 26th March, the Jesuit residence in Prague, hosted a meeting of organizers of the upcoming international meeting of young adults Magis Central Europe 2017. About 30 participants took part, including the main team, the leaders of the Ignatian experiments, national coordinators and other Jesuits and volunteers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. The weekend was an opportunity to learn more about the Magis CE 2017 program and discover the places of its final meeting. It was also a time to get to know each other better, to pray together and discuss important issues. The main day of the meeting, Saturday, followed the structure of a typical Magis day with morning prayers on the focus of the day, various activities (presentations of different aspects of the meeting and of all its 17 experiments), the Eucharist and sharing in small international Magis circles. Magis Central Europe 2017 will be held from the 14th to the 23rd July in several countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The main part of the meeting (14th to 20th July) will consist of various Ignatian experiments (a pilgrimage and workshops on the arts, culture, social service, ecology etc.) The culmination will be a wrap-up meeting in Prague (20th to 23rd July), which will include lectures, workshops and a possibility to get to know better the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Czech capital. The theme of Magis CE 2017 is Contemplative in Action.
Magis Central Europe 2017 will be held from 14 to 23 July 2017. The heart of the experience are Ignatian experiments (14 to 20 July) that will take place in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. A final common meeting (20 to 23 July) will be hosted in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. Young people from all around the world are invited to take part in this adventure! More information about Magis Central Europe 2017   Usefull Materials : Logo:   Banner to be used on the website etc.:   Poster and flyer: English poster and flyers:   Social networks FB: Twitter: Flicker: Instagram: