Voluntary Groups from Poland.

Since many years the Jesuit Social Center “In Action” from Warsaw is sending teams of volunteers to support the summer service of Jesuit missionaries. Also this year fife groups are going to Asia and Africa.

Actually almost fifty young people are ready to serve in Zambia, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and India. They have started preparations since October 2016. The main objectives of this preparation are: collect the money  they need for tickets and local services, learn a language, learn about the local culture and religion context, and knowing each other better to become a good team. In each group there is a Jesuit participant.

The group from Cracow is going to Tomsk in Russia (Siberia). It is the second time students from Poland are going to this beautiful place. These volunteers are willing to support the local Jesuit community in organizing a disability camp and children’s holiday from the province. They will be responsible for an English course dedicated to local youth as well.
Responsable Jesuit: Piotr Bugiel SJ
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Tomsk2017/

It will be the third time when the group from Lublin will go to Kyrgyzstan. Students will help the local Church by working with poor children and youth. They will be responsible for a camp in the mountains and two camps at the lakeside.  
Responsible Jesuit: Radosław Borawski SJ
FB: https://www.facebook.com/kirgistan2017/ 

Like previous years, the team from Warsaw is going to India. A students’ team from the Jesuit academic chaplaincy will be working with local Christians. Their main aim is to support the building of a new church in a small village in the Meghalaya Province. The students will be working also as English teachers for children from this same village. 
Responsible Jesuit: Paweł Gołaszewski SJ
FB: https://www.facebook.com/indie2017/

The team from Toruń is going to Zambia. It will be the third visit there for students from this city! Volunteers have to be ready for hard work in the farm of the Kasisi parish. To keep in balance, there is also orphanage. The children are waiting!
Responsible Jesuit: Dominik Sroka SJ
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Projekt-Zambia-2017-237224090071872/

Students from cold Gdansk, which is located in Northern Poland, are going to hot Cairo. Members of this project will be responsible for renovating the education centre in the El Materiya district, one of the poorest parts of Cairo. At the same time they will organize English classes for children from this district.
Responsible Jesuit: fr. Paweł Kowalski SJ
FB: https://www.facebook.com/dobropodajdalej/