The web series inhabited by Laudato si' is online since March 12th.

About the realisator Martin de Lalaubie

Martin de Lalaubie, 28 year-old, is the directeur of "Clamors". After studying movies and audio-visuals, he realised his first documentary "Dark Magic or body life", in the slums of Recife in Brazil. He has been working at the CERAS near Paris - CERAS is the Centre of Research and Social Action) since October 2013. He realized the web documentary "Young and committed, Portrait of a moving Church" while continuing to study with work-linked training in a formation of bi-media journalism. Just graduated, he started end of 2015 to study Laudato Si’ with the realization of "Clamors" a web series.


After the web documentary “Young and committed, Portrait of a moving Church”, what motivated you to direct a web series inspired by Laudato Si’ ?

In 2015, pope Francis published a revolutionary text : Laudato Si’. Francis has a look without compromise at the state of our planet, our "common home". However, his words are full of hope and plenty of resources to move forward. We couldn’t miss this opportunity!
It was the period when we launched our web documentary "Young and committed", and it was as if we had initiated a positive dynamic: to speak to young people about social thought of the Church, seriously but simply, by videos and over the web. The desire was real for our partners to carry on this collective work. This was the thing that triggered it.


Why this title "Clamors" ?

The idea of Laudato Si’ is that we can’t answer the environmental issues without speaking about social issues, and vice versa. For the pope, humanity is passing through one social environmental crisis. The "Clamors" is this poetic and embodied image used by Francis to illustrate the link between the suffering of the poor and the suffering of the earth. This web series is built as an answer to his invitation. If I would listen to these clamors, I quickly realized that it was not as simple as I thought. These clamors are answering one another and merge into each other, like stereo music.

What motivated the multiplicity of video formats ?

Because there are numerous clamors. We want to build the web series around the worlds of those who are at the borders of our lives. These videos are named « On the doorstep », because there are people left on the doorstep of our "Common House". There are raw testimonies, and others are almost collective realizations. It depends on the context of the meeting. But we also wanted to enhance videos, that’s why we met specialists and we realized reports about actions carried out in the South. And above all, there are small portions of fiction. Somewhat like a showcase, they make us dream of entering to see more. But these moments affect us and show us that these clamors echo in each of us.

Was there a striking meeting for you ?

It would be hard to pick up only one of them, because every meeting was so significant. I can pick up above all the richness of the process for "On the doorstep" videos. Especially one of them where I spent a lot of time with some people. With the production, we could feel each of us moving, evolving over the shooting. Even before discovering  the results, I knew it was an experience in itself.

About the CERAS

The CERAS team (Centre of Research and social action) supports Martin de Lalaubie’s project. Since 2005, the Centre is located at La Plaine Saint-Denis near Paris and is made up of Jesuits and lay people. There are 3 different missions at CERAS :
to accompany associations committed in the social arena,
to stimulate discussions around their questions,
to train them in their sphere of competence.
Among them, there is the Projet journal – published since 1907, the organisation of an annual session about social questions, and the management of the first francophone website, entirely dedicated to understanding and study of the Social Doctrine of the Church.


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