‍In this Ignatian Year we turn to Manresa 
where we find this beautiful tabernacle door. 

et us contemplate the nativity scene 
in the company of the pilgrim Ignatius.

At the centre, in Mary's arms,  
the Prince of Peace and light of the world draws our attention.

Joseph points to the child with a message for Ignatius… 
and for us. “Be his companion!”

Ignatius, kneeling with open hands, 
has become a poor man serving Jesus, poor and humble.

With Ignatius, like the discrete handmaid in the background, 
we too are called to be servants of the mystery of God-with-us,
attentive to the cries of the poor, the young and of creation.

The word and the star bear witness to that mystery: 
A light came into the darkness 
and the darkness could not overpower it.

The Jesuit Conference of European Provincials, 
wishes you a Blessed Christmas. 
May the year 2022  be filled with peace and hope.