Online resources for an exceptional Lent and Easter

It has been very hard for all of us not to express our faith the way we are used to. But not everything is negative in this health crisis. If we cannot go outside, it’s time to go inside. We are all invited to stay at home, but we are also invited to stay even closer to God. This forced deprivation has triggered a wave of creative initiatives all over Europe and the Near East to connect our friends, communities and church assemblies, as Saint Ignatius said, in union of prayer. From online masses to reflections, from music shows to online personal support, Jesuits and partners are praying with you online.

A specialist from the Pontificia Comillas University in Madrid has summarised  the Guidelines for psychological care during quarantine in religious and priestly life”. The document is available in English here

You can find here many different initiatives throughout the territory of our Jesuit Conference. You are welcome to join many online activities such as prayer, retreats, accompaniment of lonely people or health care workers, formation talks, celebration of Holy Mass and also catechesis for children or workshops for teenagers. We have gathered a list of over 40 resources organized by Jesuits in 16 languages. All you need is an electronic device with Internet access. Click here to see the list of resources and links by Jesuit Provinces and languages.

Province Initiative Description Language Link
ASR Gospel Reflection Sunday Gospel Reflection German https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsr50NBnFjm9OqdSkerjmkw
ASR Daily Reflection Daily online reflection German https://jesuitenkirche-innsbruck.at/at/1019-tagesimpuls-aus-der-jesuitenkirche
BRI "Pray as you stay" Special prayer support series English https://www.pathwaystogod.org/resources/pray-you-stay?fbclid=IwAR14iP2xYw5uI7BVso0_llO5B327VXTVhsPEi-PJHo6MRYqMjcxey0AxJtY
BRI Stations of the Cross Stations of the cross every Friday English https://www.pathwaystogod.org/resources/stations-cross-nicholas-king-sj-audio
BRI Pray as you go Daily Prayer English https://pray-as-you-go.org/
CRO Mass  Daily online Mass Croatian https://www.facebook.com/isusovci/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARC5P302yh_pVDRl6y53c7ZSVEN-wmU9QUbxSN_Sl_7c1SDIkxYlO9SoeVz1VEUYTvm6GfHgISf_8gs6
CRO Reflections, various content Various initiatives organized by the Youth Pastoral Croatian https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh3-BFGjXuSi1nw05RcdUlQ/videos
ELC Mass Sunday online Mass Dutch https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-IfSvgtJ8rg6oSPvfcrNA/videos
ELC Pray as you go Daily Prayer Dutch https://biddenonderweg.org/246/
EOF Meditations and Reflections New content connecting spirituality and Coronavirus added regularly French https://www.jesuites.com/covid19/
EOF Keeping in touch Local initiatives in corona time French https://www.jesuites.com/pour-rester-en-lien-avec-les-jesuites-temps-de-confinement/
EOF Initiatives for Youth Various initiatives for teenagers French https://www.facebook.com/MEJFrance/
EOF Pray as you go Daily Prayer French https://prieenchemin.org/
ESP Proposals Living the Hly Week at home Spanish https://infosj.es/propuestas/16246-semanasantaencasa-la-propuesta-jesuita-para-vivir-la-pascua
ESP Mass Daily online mass at 8 pm Spanish https://www.youtube.com/user/JesuitasESP
ESP Online support for lonely people Online accompaning of people that may feel lonely on Quarantine Spanish https://noestassolo.es/
ESP Guided prayer Guided prayer online on instagram live 3 times a week Spanish https://www.instagram.com/serjesuita/?hl=en
ESP Interactive Chats Interactive Chats on instagram live with VOCESSJ team Spanish https://www.instagram.com/vocesesejota/?hl=en
ESP Pray as you go Daily Prayer Spanish https://rezandovoy.org/
ESP Online support for Health Caretakers Online accompaning for those who work with sick people: doctors, nurses, hospital staff Spanish https://sanitarios.noestassolo.es/
EUM Get up and walk Daily Prayer Italian https://getupandwalk.gesuiti.it/
EUM (Malta) Prayer Sharing Social Media sharing prayers sent by users English https://www.facebook.com/chaplaincy/?__tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARC4hQzwrk7zdUAzx2KnEhVsWily3pbDLOj-oO4pBE76crYFdifx47tZ4hkbcxZLNs-pBez4VK7MFkmJ&hc_ref=ARTrqTNDn_4yp4KXxp_cKFKMrciaPb6W4FwjzDEkLmKWXK6TlSl2ddJlq_U5VYqn2qo&fref=nf
EUM (Romania) Meditations on the liturgy Every Tuesday Romanian https://www.facebook.com/Scoalalaiezuiti/?__tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARBU6m3KYqwQ1hxFRZfc2Uya9TYnoUQ9ZNJC1znrfIjFMCvh3TKfP4bbbosjOKPjwjEtKgP54zBApH0A&hc_ref=ARR3OGJKZMzK1Dt6pvELi9zj1mmEdBQN1uBXshgfwjSolsThm7GX05sGMqn8okKgcWA&ref=nf_target
EUM(Italy) Spiritual Exercises Online Spiritual Exercises Italian https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_5F3PTVRAGF4TKav9ziAIS3JVRyil8OH
EUM(Italy) Lent Preparation Online Lent Preparation Italian http://prexeucharistica.org/it/EVIDENZA.php
GER One minute homily  Weekly online gospel reflection German https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfRuclDg5Z6Vcxsg72OapWg/videos
GER Ignatian Neigborghood help  Online Pastoral care German https://www.jesuiten.org/news/digitale-ignatianische-nachbarschaftshilfe
GER St Ignatius Parish Parish activities online from Franckfurt German http://ignatius.de/
HEL Switzerland Impulses German https://jesuiten.ch/news.html
HIB Reflections, various content New content connecting spirituality and Coronavirus added regularly English https://www.jesuit.ie/coronavirus/
HUN Mass, Adoration, Examen, other Various Daily online spiritual initiatives  Hungarian https://jezsuita.hu/online-lelkipasztorkodas/?fbclid=IwAR3wL7eNpvO9uQWOTECF5MZrDQD_GMraqXdH2tPv-X5IM1fanOHc_E36PzU
HUN Prayer Daily Prayer Hungarian https://www.mixcloud.com/napiutravalo/
JCEP Pray together Online resources for praying together Several https://jesuits.eu/join-the-mission/pray-together
LIT Daily Gospel Reflections Daily online Gospel Reflection Lithuanian https://www.facebook.com/jezuitai.lt/
PMA/PME Let's be together = Bądźmy razem Spiritual Exercises in everyday life. There is possibility of spiritual direction and sharing groups by Skype. Polish https://badzmyrazem.jezuici.pl 
PMA/PME Mass, adoration, prayer, others Daily online mass and adoration Polish https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqn1lb_mNgrpAOGLEc1YGwQ/featured
PMA/PME Pray as you go Daily Prayer Polish https://modlitwawdrodze.pl/home/
PME Pray as you go Daily Prayer Ukrainian https://imolytva.org/home/
POR Music, Literature, Arts, Culture Every evening a different cultural program organized by Jesuits Portuguese https://aosvossoslugares.com/?fbclid=IwAR07lVGVeN2brLUlD4hXNZ9bHzExZh8BbscTuyKjNSiPaCb8xb3tAcehyec
POR Talks with Jesuits Daily content with different Jesuits and different topics Portuguese https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeXGIYo5HCM_6IJXAnspWAQ/videos
POR Mass Daily online mass Portuguese https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd270-lspTERIII6pSJgebA
POR Pray as you go Daily Prayer Portuguese https://www.passo-a-rezar.net/
PRO Transformational Leadership  Daily Online Workshops Arabic https://www.facebook.com/JCCAlex/?__tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARB6AK9ZtfU6rq71t24ziHcUTSSVU9kbD3Lp_xBUzJJmQ9sNKBWaVDXdHZa8Ig053IjL_wEojsF09-Vj&hc_ref=ART48y2qkV-n_XCTnsVqYXZWM2VhSwu1-HkH2j-zRvjyLq2abvUCr2vbpwxeuiE2IhY&ref=nf_target
PRO Pray as you go Daily Prayer Arabic https://fi-tariqi-osally.org/
PRO Mass Daily online Mass English https://www.facebook.com/jesuitcenter/?__xts__[0]=68.ARBP-6WQZSWTYW_yyIsX_33FovUOrjATsLGegRrUm9DPs0AnCdlFBhPiKdYUCOcexMPXscvl1ZZL7loFi1NMIN5z4-Z9jsK8iVh2RxpWdVmFuiJdKl46mGUIc1X8jqSxlLgStGmjDO-eeLMThJ5RhBoZkB3xqbCnYBvfH4gpTFzmCIVnkGgmb8irqK48w3QgfyeeU6Y1vYis6maPSEYBH7W4sqAGvMcGa1b-jDE-YxxQu4B5nbJ6RbNPb8R_jfLO5ujPcx-Zw7Qtf_-wfinNcPCUTdF2_Y45KFJrgT5Tnt5CkGO9eYZE4rgIuGmaTRGhVFKhLX-S8_MDqE4QVxfDSFDFp99nlun9tgPYTDV2FhQ_Z_QRDSb3JCT1fJLCCQSujnOuRqj3nYx3mZG984sPN1DAMYLgNUSl4SFuCnUdDFZFLgb6aFoYsY3oCjLxAAri2ca4WQObRO2OtyIsRus6dv2hCKqdEj7OVGv0ZV-2Cg5SaHeH1ur-DtFU&__tn__=k*F&tn-str=k*F
PRO Mass Daily online Mass French https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClytq5XB-DG5LOOLpiv_N5Q
SVK Cathechese for children Weekly catechese for children Slovak http://jezuiti.sk/kratke-katechezy-pre-deti-a-celu-rodinu-v-kostole-v-trnave/?fbclid=IwAR2EXF3gimQhlaq6nlMPOMIGuToCsUp_p7Cdcx3_iAtgqMGIMSfZ8DZnOV0
SVN Mass Daily online Mass Slovenian https://www.facebook.com/jezuiti.si/