Jesuits and Partners in Mission looking from all over Europe to Rome.

While in Rome the 36th General Congregation is preparing the election of next Father General of the Society of Jesus we would like to give another perspective from other Jesuits and Partners in Mission who are working in different countries of our Conference territory. We have asked them to answer to two questions: 

1 What is your message for our new Father General?

2 Concerning your apostolate and mission in London, what are your hopes and wishes for GC36?

Here we find answers of three Jesuits in the field “Youth and Media”. Here there are some answers. We will publish more each day. If you want also to participate, leave your message in our Facebook page.


GC36 from Lyon (France)

Marie-Thérèse Michel 

1. What is your message for our new Father General?

I think the different apostolates of the Society are real signs to our world: the social justice involvement, the question of our roots and identity and mainly the field of education in all the senses.

I am expecting the New Father General to go on with the orientations given by Father Nicolas and to focus even more on the collaboration between Lay and Jay so that we can really feel the trust we need to fulfill our mission.

2. My hopes and wishes for GC36?

I would like GC36 to give guidelines to the people working for the mission of Education and to think of the issues not only from a global perspective but also by taking into account the different realities people are facing in the different parts of the world.  The European ideal can be very inspiring to open our schools and institutions to everybody, which is the the biggest challenge of the current times.

Picture: Marie-Thérèse Michel and the JECSE Steering Committee in Dublin


GC36 from... Dublin (Ireland)

Gerard Clarke SJ

1. What is your message for our new Father General? 

Fr. General, please keep reminding us how depth of presence, depth of study, depth of faith is so important for the sons of Ignatius.

2. What are my hopes and wishes for GC36?

I hope that GC 36 will give the Society in the old world new vigour and life: that we may be renewed as God invites us to be renewed especially in our community life and our prayer.


GC36 from Birkirkara (Malta)

Jimmy Bartolo SJ

1. What is your message for the new Fr General?

I would like to heartily congratulate Fr General on his election as leader of the Jesuits. 

My wish for Fr General is that he always puts God and the gospel first in his ministry. 

I wish him an excellent relationship with Pope Francis and the courage to be prophetic in accompanying the Society in implementing what Pope Francis and GC36 desires for its future. 
I would like him to trust his councillors and not to be disheartened by the sins and misgivings of the Jesuits around the world. 
On a more personal level I wish him good health and a sense of humour in the midst of stresses and radical changes.

2. Concerning your apostolate and mission in Malta, what are your hopes and wishes?

I have three wishes for GC 36:
1) To seriously address the spiritual renewal of Jesuit religious life around the world as well as Jesuits’ commitment to an authentic and hospitable community life.  
2) To reach out to millions of poor children and young people in the world who do not have access to education. 
3) To strike a balance between keeping alive a Jesuit presence in small countries or regions like Malta and to continue to mission Jesuits in countries where the needs are greater and more universal

Picture heading: Jimmy Bartolo and pupils of Saint Aloysius' College, Birkirkara, Malta.