Jesuits and Partners in Mission looking from all over Europe to Rome.

While in Rome the 36th General Congregation is preparing the election of next Father General of the Society of Jesus we would like to give another perspective from other Jesuits and Partners in Mission who are working in different countries of our Conference territory. We have asked them to answer to two questions: 

1 What is your message for our new Father General?

2 Concerning your apostolate and mission in London, what are your hopes and wishes for GC36?

Here we find answers of three Jesuits in the field “Promoting Justice”. Here there are some answers. We will publish more each day. If you want also to participate, leave your message in our Facebook page.


GC36 from Vienna (Austria)

Sebastian Ortner, SJ  

1. What is your message for our new Father General?

We need more Jesuits in social apostolate to strengthen projects like "Jesuit Worldwide Learning" and to enforce JRS projects.

We need to do more research on and engage politically in the problems of the global economy-system, tax injustice and raise ecological awareness.

And we need philosophically well trained theologians. 

2. Concerning your apostolate and mission in Austria, what are your hopes and wishes for GC36?

I hope that young people in Austria may be attracted by the way Jesuits are acting: full of joy, faith, love and integrity. This way of being men of God shall be reinforced by GC36.

I wish that team-work and team-playing will be more important in the Society through the impact of GC36 - as a paradigm of shared mission - and through the personality of the new Father General.


GC36 from... Lisbon (Portugal)

Rosario Farmhouse

1 What is your message for our new Father General? 

Be attentive to those on the margins. Promote the work with the most in need and where no one else is.

2 Concerning your area of collaboration with the Society of Jesus in Social Education, what are your hopes and wishes for GC36?

To promote a better knowledge about human rights and peace. Having exchanges between Jesuit school’s students from different countries providing moments of encounter with people from different economic, social, religious, or ethnic background, teaching “how to live together” in truly friendship and interaction. 


GC36 from Valletta (Malta)

Saviour Mifsud

1. What is your message for the new Fr General?

My main desire is that Fr General would find good and practical ways to help all the members of the Society to be men of prayer: who bring their experience of God into action and return to God from their action. 

I would desire that any Jesuit's actions would not result in a distancing from the one end for which he entered the Society and is spending his life for. Our Lord in himself is our end, not any ministry or action. He is the Saviour of my soul and of those I spend my life working with and for. 

I wish that the Society would be creative and energetic in promoting the vocation of Brother in the Society. I would suggest that such promotion would primarily be through teaching young men to discern the Lord's activity in their soul and to be generous when He calls to whatever state of life He calls one to - including that of the 'religious state' as a Brother in the Society. 

In this promotion, what the Brother actually 'does' - his work in the Society - ought to be given lesser prominence than the central truth of a genuine vocation, i.e.: to be a servant who spends his life trying to please his Master. This is the one and only pure and powerful reason that ought to bring in men to spend their lives among us as Jesuit Brothers. 


2. Concerning your apostolate and mission, what are your hopes and wishes?

Although I am getting on in age (68 years old), I hope to continue to be able to serve in my roles both as house minister and collaborating with JRS (Malta), in direct work with many refugee families and individuals. 

I also desire to continue to grow spiritually, even though, as I said, I am getting on in years. If the time comes when I will have to let go of ministries and works, I hope to be spiritually strong and fully focused on Jesus so as to continue to serve the Society and the Church through my prayer and sacrifice.