May we give the way of Christ our full preference.

Be full of Life

Life moves. It shakes.
It grows from the Holy Spirit’s desire to fill everything,
to make everything fertile,
and to become flesh in everything.

Life wants to break the hardness of stones,
to water the parched earth,
and heal the sick heart.

God wants to enter our history
as water enters a sponge.
In the hardness of the world
God goes mining one by one
the stones of our history.

With a time and patience different from ours.
God sees every answer in a woman's heart.
She says yes!
God comes into the world
in something as sudden as childbirth.

God weaves life
even through our cracks and reserves.
The God of life becomes flesh,
breaking our aridity.

In the middle of the night
the Spirit of God opens up and flows into our lives. 
Inviting us, Jesuits and Friends: 
                  to show the way to God; 
                  to walk side by side with the poor and excluded;
                  to accompany by creating future and hope for young people; 
                  to collaborate in the care of our Common Home

This is how, at Christmas,
God continues giving us a new Spirit,
removing our heart of stone, 
and filling us with a new life
that beats and flows in the world
with a heart of flesh.

José de Pablo SJ