Created in 1989 by Fr. Charles Delhez sj, the "What to think about...?" collection celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. A conference has been organized on this occasion at the Forum Saint-Michel, in Brussels, on 24 October, on the latest work in the collection. Its theme? Robotics and artificial intelligence.

Published by Jesuit Publishing, the "What to think about...?" series aims to propose a Christian reflection on a question relating to current religious, spiritual or social events, in sync with today's climate and issues. In affordable language, it offers objective, scientific, sociological, sociological and philosophical references and a theological analysis that allows the reader to find the elements of personal discernment.

Among the best-sellers in the collection:

- "Transhumanism" (P. Xavier Dijon sj)

- "Paranormal Experiences" (François Mathijsen)

- "The Holy Shroud" (Stone of Riedmatten)

- "Saint Paul" (P. Philippe Wargnies sj and Mgr Pierre Warin)

- "The Jesus of Christians" (P. Charles Delhez sj and P. Jacques Vermeylen)

and if we go back in time:

- "Palliative care"

- "Depression"

- "The errors of the Church"

- "Astrology"

- "Jehovah's Witnesses"

- "Spiritism"

A 100th issue on robotics and artificial intelligence

The 100th issue of the collection was written by Dominique Lambert, physicist and philosopher, professor at the Jesuit University of Namur, on the theme of robotics and artificial intelligence. In this booklet, the author shows, from examples, how and why these autonomous robots raise many epistemological, legal, ethical and anthropological questions, which must be answered while avoiding both dangerous technophobia and incoherent technolatry.

A conference was held on Thursday 24 October at the Forum Saint-Michel in Brussels.

Upcoming publications

Among the upcoming themes in the "What about...?" collection :

- "The Animals" (P. Éric Charmetant sj)

- "The Last Endings" (P. Benoît de Baenst)

- "The angels" (Hans Ausloos)

- "Dogmas" (P. Michel Fédou sj)

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