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During this month both the Spanish NGOs, Entreculturas and Alboan, as well as the Jesuit universities of Spain (UNIJES) have showed their solidarity with some Jesuit works of Central American countries, immersed now in a political and social conflict.  Entreculturas and ALBOAN have publicly expressed their solidarity with the Caravan that brings together more than 7,000 Hondurans heading to the United States, as well as their concern for their safety and their support to the organizations accompanying them. (See here).   They also offered the Spanish media a videoconference with Fr. Ismael Moreno SJ (P. Melo), Director of Radio Progreso and Andrea Villaseñor, Director of SJR Mexico, who connected to transfer to the media and the Spanish society, the current situation of the Caravan and its causes. The Jesuit Universities of Spain (Unijes) have launched a manifesto and organized events in solidarity with the Nicaraguan people and with the Jesuit UCA of Nicaragua. Jorge Alberto Huete Pérez, vice-rector of the UCA came to be in these events. 
Listening to young people around a beer. Several years ago, Cardinal Blase Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago, began an experience of listening to the voices of young people in a relaxed atmosphere and, so to speak, less tied to the formalisms that we usually have in the activities of the Church. This initiative, called "Theology on Tap," is a space to talk about the social, political, economic, cultural or religious issues that most concern young people in a believing perspective. Nothing better than talking around beer and tapas.    What Cardinal Cupich could not imagine is that, in a small corner of Spain, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a group of young people (and some not so young) were going to support his initiative by attending to the invitation of the Jesuit Loyola Center. The first of the meetings took place last November 7 with an interesting and current topic of debate: Does freedom of expression have limits? This theme responds to the polemics unleashed in Spain with a proposed law to decriminalize offenses against the crown, patriotic symbols and religious sensitivity. The talk was developed in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, but it was dealt deeply and left some important conclusions in the audience. The next meeting will be on December 12nd to talk about climate change and the position we as believers must take.
Documentary "U-TOPOS" to be released. The Jesuits succeeded in creating a utopia in the Amazon. The Jesuit missions in Paraguay helped the Guaraní Indians to improve their living conditions and to create an internal market among the different villages and peoples that inhabited the jungle. Producer and director Vicente Herrero has made this documentary to tell the lights and shadows of the Jesuit presence in America. It relates the relationship of the Jesuits with successive states over three centuries and its expulsion from the crown of Spain. The documentary had the collaboration of the Spanish TV (RTVE) and a local TV of Valencia. The director prepared it for a year. The recording lasted 12 weeks in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Spain and Portugal. Some Jesuits collaborated: Enrique Climent SJ, Bartomeu Melià SJ or Wenceslao Soto SJ and the film has been documented in the Jesuit archives in Spain, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. The documentary also includes interviews with Portuguese and Spanish historians and will be released at the University of Comillas by November 23rd. See trailer:
Make migrant women domestic workers more visible - Spain The Jesuit Migrant Service (SJM) is presenting in Spain the report “Making the Invisible Visible. Migrant Women and Household Employment”. The report begins with a detailed insight at the reality of women domestic and care workers and ends with the recognition of these women's struggle for decent working conditions. The report identifies the violation of the rights of domestic workers to show the unfair situations to which they are subjected. It also highlights the effort of organization and denunciation that women make to improve their situation. Likewise, the report reviews the role of social organizations and identify good practices to protect women and accompany her struggles and demands. The study has identified: labor informality, violation of labor rights and exploitation of domestic workers in an internal regime. Even more worrying is that a third of the women interviewed report having suffered harassment, violence or sexual abuse. The SJM considers very important the mobilization of the different social and political actors to join positions to guarantee dignity, protection and full rights for domestic workers. We want our politicians to commit themselves to this cause to dignify domestic work and care. More Info:
Music is an exceptional channel for transmitting the most beautiful and profound experiences we can have, especially those for which we cannot find words. This desire is what motivates the birth of MUNDOSÍ productions, a platform that bets on music and culture as a vehicle for transmitting the values and identity of Ignatian spirituality. The project depends mainly on the Subcommission of Youth and College Pastoral of the Province of Spain, and is part of the Grupo de Comunicación Loyola. It is managed by Enric Puiggròs SJ, a musician and vocation promoter of the Spanish Jesuits, who also participates in several musical projects of his own and with fellow Jesuits (such as Jesuitas Acústico), and Oscar Santos, singer-songwriter, musician, teacher in a Jesuit school and member of the pastoral team. It also has a network that supports tasks, management, communication and social media. They have started with 3 projects in progress: ENCOMPAÑÍA project: re-recording of "Ignatian classics" and new themes related to Ignatian spirituality. Recording of new themes. LIVE MUSIC: concerts, training, animation... All kinds of shows where music is the fundamental part for our message. For students, teachers, university students, families, or any group of people to meet, Jesuit or not. The name MUNDOSÍ is composed of the words MUNDO (world) to express the universality of the message and of the Society of Jesus. SI (Societatis Iesu, S.I. or S.J.), to give identity and to transmit a sense of affirmation and positivity. You can contact MUNDOSÍ at to find out more or hire. It is also present in social media (Facebook and Instagram).
On October 20th, the Catholic Church beatified "the apostle of the city", Father Tiburcio Arnaiz Muñoz SJ. Presiding over the beatification ceremony at Malaga’s cathedral was Cardinal Angelo Becciu, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Among the 100+ priests concelebrating there were Pascual Cebollada, General Postulator of the Society of Jesus; Fr Provincial, Antonio España; Fr Fernando Motas, Jesuit Superior of Málaga community; Fr Vicente Luque, Vice Postulator of the cause and Postulator during the diocesan phase and Fr Elías Royón, Episcopal Vicar for Consecrated Life of the Archdiocese of Madrid. In his homily, Cardinal Angelo Becciu highlighted: “Dear brothers and sisters, what is the message that Blessed Tiburcio Arnáiz Muñoz offers to today’s Church and society at large? He represents for all of us, especially for priests and consecrated persons, the example of a man who was not satisfied with what had already been achieved but who, in obedience to the demands of the spirit, intended to surrender himself to God with greater radicalism. This was at the origin of his decision to enter the Society of Jesus after twelve years of diocesan ministry. He responded to God’s love through a growing commitment to his ministry and love for the least, the rejected. How great a need there is, in our times, to open our hearts to the spiritual and material needs of so many of our brothers and sisters who expect from us words of faith, consolation, and hope, as well as gestures of generous solidarity and a warm welcome!” The cause of beatification was promoted by the Association of Missionaries of Rural Doctrines, founded by Fr Arnaiz, whose feast will be celebrated on July 18. He lies buried in the Jesuit church of the Sacred Heart in Malaga. More info