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A video featuring reflections by 13 Community Superiors. What does a community need? What doesn’t it need? What are the main difficulties encountered and which strategies are recommended? Daily life, priorities, use of space and time, openness, attention to how to communicate and the quality of relationships are the principal points that are encouraged for further reflection in this video (english subtitles) which focuses on one of the four main points of the new Apostolic Plan. Video with English subtitles: click on the subtitles icon underneath
From 26 to 31 December Albania hosted the meeting of the Scholastics of the EUM Province. There were 40 participants, all Jesuits in formation, from those studying philosophy to graduates as well as those in doctoral studies. Besides Fr. Provincial and the delegate for formation, Fr. Angelo Schettini, the Spanish and Portuguese companions residing in San Saba and a Polish companion residing in the community of Palermo were also present. “This was a precious opportunity to directly learn about the Albanian reality", emphasized Angelo Stella, one of the participants. Among the most meaningful moments were the meeting with the Jesuit parish community of Tirana, the meeting with Mgr. Asti Bakallbashi, Auxiliary Bishop of the Orthodox community, the visit to the parish community of Bajzë, the testimony of Fr. Luli SJ’s nephew, an Albanian, who gave himself to martyrdom but who survived imprisonment and torture. "Formation, discovery and a spirit of encounter" Angelo concludes, "were made possible thanks to the availability of our companions presently in Albania, Fr. Zef Bisha and Fr. Marino Riti, who helped us get to know each other within our new common reality ".
Provincial’s letter to the EUM Jesuits. "During this year dedicated to St. Aloysius Gonzaga, we have rediscovered the many aspects of his rich spiritual life, among which we have often recalled his proximity to the poor and his social sensitivity. However, this should not diminish in importance the evidence brought out of that long and beautiful tradition where men at a very young age have chosen to live a life of chastity, not as a sacrifice, but as an expression of a total gift of self to the Lord.” The document, intended for the Jesuits of the EUM Province, has in the meantime been presented during a conference about the person of St. Aloysius, and is now being shared on the feast of the Holy Family. Read the document
The priorities, selected for the schools of the EUM Province besides those of the Action Statement of Rio de Janeiro, have been strengthened during the meeting of the School Heads, held in Gressoney (AO) from 19th to 22nd November. This was a precious time for personal formation, with inputs on the examination of conscience given by Fr. Gaetano Piccolo SJ and Fr. Mauro Bossi of Social Updates made special reference to the promotion of environmental and social policies and to the care of our common home. This was followed by group work, proposals made for projects to be initiated in the schools, as well as moments of prayer for common growth.
The Saint Ignatius Foundation celebrated Saint Francis Xavier last 3 December, spending a few hours in the facilities of the Combonian Fathers, where the Centro Astalli in Trento has been welcoming twelve young migrants for a couple of years and, since the end of September, some university students who share their daily lives with peers who come from places of dramatic suffering. The Eucharist was presided over by Fr. Roberto del Riccio SJ, who encouraged those present to look beyond the borders, cultivating, like Francis Xavier, their inner desires. Afterwards, the protagonists were the same six university students who live this experience of life, starting from the values of active citizenship and combining together the motto "accompany, serve, defend" and the mission of the Combonian Fathers to spend themselves for others. Hence the nice name given to this innovative project of intercultural coexistence: University Combo. The testimonies of these young people gave a concrete lesson, dialogued and shared, on the beauty of diversity, on the possibility to weave deep, moving and daily relationships, in contrast with today's world that seems to raise the pull of fear and intolerance. After the direct testimonies, a sober dinner, prepared by some of the organizations that are members of the Foundation, helped to continue the dialogue, nourishing the many diversities that tasted the food.
The Manual of guidelines of the Province’s Websites is now available The desire for renewal that has united the pre-existing Provinces and guided them in the process towards the creation of a new territorial reality (the Euro-Mediterranean Province) is also reflected in the commitment to define the new guidelines of its digital identity. The project, created by the EUM Communications Office, in collaboration with Kaleidon and 5aDesign, was created with the aim of providing instructions for the development of our online presence. The first steps were listening and understanding the communication needs of all those involved in the process, in order to be able to establish a solution that would comprise and even anticipate the main needs of the Province. This means setting up a standard of communication that values every single contribution coming from the networks and the works, guides and harmonizes the sites, and explains every single element to guide all users towards its correct use.  This is a sign of commitment towards serving the Church in the present times, as we learn to seek and find God in all things, even on the web. The e-manual which is available on-line will also be available in html format in the coming months. The communications office will be available to help users in its implementation.