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The Colocations (or Colocs Magis/Flatshare) are proposed by Jesuits and Ignatian nuns in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse.  They are aimed at young people aged 18 to 30, students or young professionals, and are based on three pillars: fraternal life, prayer and service. Between four and five young people (mostly men, except in Lyon where one of the rooms is mixed) are welcomed in a flat close to a Jesuit community or Ignatian nuns. The Roommates provide a framework for human, spiritual, cultural and social enrichment by living close to a religious community and benefiting from the presence of a referent religious who helps to set up this framework. In the Christian tradition, following St Ignatius of Loyola The Magis Flatshares are situated in the Christian tradition of community life and in the spiritual dynamic of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, who inspired several religious communities.  They are therefore also places to deepen one's faith, to seek and find God in all things, to unify the different dimensions of one's life by walking with other young people in the MAGIS Team, for example. In concrete terms? At the beginning of the year, the inhabitants of the Magis Flatshares draw up the charter that will govern their life together: prayer, Eucharist and other spiritual times; meals, relaxation and sport; meetings with the community; insertion in the life of the Church, in youth ministry, in the service of the most needy; participation in the weekly evening of the Coloc... Spiritual accompaniment is possible, as well as a proposal for Spiritual Exercises during a retreat in a spiritual centre or in one's daily life (we then speak of Exercises in Ordinary Life). Testimony of a roommate "This roommate was first of all a beautiful meeting between the four of us. A fraternal bond was woven throughout the year, through the time spent together, especially the weekly sharing and prayers and with our common MAGIS team. Another strong point of the rooming house was its openness to the outside world, through the services of each one for the EYM but also through the link with the Jesuit community which welcomed us with great warmth. I think I was very lucky to be part of this project! Etienne, 22 years old
A look back at the Family Lab' session at the Penboc'h spiritual centre (Brittany). Among the summer spiritual sessions organised for families in the EOF Province, there was the "Famille Lab'" session at the Jesuit spiritual centre of Penboc'h in Brittany, which brought together Jesuits and families to experience a spiritual holiday combining renewal, conviviality and care for family life. Fr Xavier Dijon sj shares with us the fruits of this week which brought together nearly 70 adults and children around the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus. A week at the Jesuit spiritual centre of Penboc'h around the four Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus, applied to the theme of families: How to find the way to God as a family? How can we take care of families on the periphery and of fragile families? How to accompany young families? How can we build a future of hope with the young people in our families? How can we contribute, as a family, to the safeguarding of our Common House? The 38 adults present, including 7 Jesuits, took up the four Jesuit priorities one after the other for each of the days of the session, preceded by a day of mutual presentation and closed by a review of the whole. The challenge of the session was twofold: firstly, to see how families could, from their specific point of view, understand and appropriate the four preferences, and secondly, to see what initiatives could be taken by the family ministry team to make these precious missions radiate. Austere work for a holiday season? Not really! Is it not relaxing to be reminded, for example, that good decision-making requires a diversion through the Bible, or that we are linked to Creation by the joy we find in it, or that the family circle remains the main reference centre for young people, or that a wounded family is always more than a wounded family? In addition, the 29 children present at the session, together with the generosity of the sun and the call of the nearby sea, gave the whole session the right holiday feel. While the adults listened to the presentations and testimonies, the young people added their own special touch (from 1 to 15 years old): led by their six leaders, they conducted their own exchanges, punctuated by drawings and other crafts. The two groups met for daily mass, with the participation of several musicians and choirboys. Let's add to this schedule the meals cooked by a master's hand (one table per family) and the many times of relaxation: football, workshops, swimming... Isn't it in the weaving of such a network that the Kingdom is built? Xavier Dijon S.J.
On 14 July, Pope Francis appointed Fr Theodoros Kodidis Archbishop of Athens and Apostolic Administrator of Rhodes. Fr Theodoros is a member of the EOF Province (French-speaking Western Europe) and is part of the Jesuit community of Athens. Fr Theodore Kodidis, 65, is a native of Macedonia. He studied at the Pontifical Greek College in Rome and then went on to study philosophy at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. After four years of philosophy and theology in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, he entered the novitiate of the Society of Jesus in 1983. A time that he describes as demanding and infinitely rich in graces: "A time of personal structuring and of human and spiritual progress, so many fruits for which I am very grateful". After his studies at the Centre Sèvres-Facultés jésuites de Paris, he was ordained deacon and priest in Athens in 1988. This was followed by years of parish work, especially in youth work and as editor of the magazine "ANOIXTOI OPIZONTES" (Open Horizons). At the same time, Fr. Kodidis gave the Spiritual Exercises, especially at the Jesuit Spiritual Centre of Inoi, north of Athens, of which he was the Director. In 2020-21, he is in charge of the parish of St. Andrew in Patras as parish priest. Other appointments of Pope Francis: Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, Archbishop of Luxembourg, has been appointed by Pope Francis as the General Relator of the Synod of Bishops, which will focus on synodality. The Milanese Jesuit Giacomo Costa, who sat on the editorial team of the Amazon Synod, was appointed a member of the steering group. The very international theological commission includes the German theologian Christoph Theobald, who teaches in Paris.
A space for dialogue between science, technology and spirituality. The Plateau de Saclay, 20 km from Paris, is destined to become a world-class centre for training, innovation and academic research. The Society of Jesus and four dioceses of the Île-de-France region have decided to join forces to establish the Teilhard de Chardin Centre in order to offer a Church presence and a space for dialogue between science, technology and spirituality. An innovative space in many ways, it will open its doors in September 2022. South of Paris, the Plateau de Saclay is set to become one of the most visible places in France for the importance given by the public authorities to synergies between Grandes Écoles, universities and businesses. In five years' time, this area will bring together some 34,000 students, teachers and researchers around the Université Paris-Saclay and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. Many employees and families will be present on the site, which will eventually be visited by 64,000 people. This is why several Church partners have decided to create the Teilhard de Chardin Centre on this plateau. On 8 April 2021, Bishop Michel Pansard of Evry and Fr François Boëdec sj,On 8 April 2021, Bishop Michel Pansard of Evry and Fr François Boëdec sj, Provincial of the Jesuits(picture : first on the left), blessed the building site of the Centre Teilhard de Chardin in the presence of the architect, Mr Jean-Marie Duthilleul, Bishop Michel Dubost, Fr Dominique Degoul, future chaplain of the Centre (third on the picture), and Fr Sylvain Cariou-Charton, Provincial's delegate for Jesuit schools. The work will take 18 months and the Centre will open its doors in September 2022. More info, videos and pictures Jésuites EOF
2001-2021 : JRS Belgium celebrates its 20th anniversary! 4 conferences: 22 April, 29 April, 18 May and 2 June 20 years ago, the Belgian Jesuit Eddy Jadot founded JRS Belgium to accompany, serve and defend people on the borders of the democratic world - detained in closed centres. In this 20th anniversary year of JRS Belgium, we want to take an updated look at the borders of countries and disciplines: closed and open, dividing and welcoming lines. In collaboration with the Forum Saint-Michel, MigratieMuseumMigration and the Centre Avec, JRS Belgium offers four online round tables with academics and artists. Four evenings of debate with the central theme of the border as a welcoming line. Should borders be set aside to support the migration transition? What does a theologian have to say about migration policy?  How does art contribute to political change? Read more   
This year, the meeting of the superiors of the EOF communities, together with the provincials, auxiliaries and the socius, took place by videoconference from 12 to 14 February. Bringing together all these people from Belgium, Greece, France, the Reunion Islands and Mauritius, without anyone moving from their homes: one thinks that the gift of ubiquity has become commonplace, and moreover, it is good for the planet. The small group discussions were very stimulating and focused on two themes: community life during the pandemic and training on abuse. Each community's situation is different and it is beneficial to have these meetings of superiors to see this. The famous cannonball that wounded Ignatius and without which the Jesuits would not be, gave rise to exchanges. Five hundred years already! This is being prepared and will be celebrated, among other things, during a large gathering in Marseille, on All Saints' Day. Eight thousand people are expected. The presence of Pope Francis is mentioned: Will he come? Will he not come? These times of common meetings, of prayer together and of sharing in groups did a great deal of good. At each meeting of the superiors and at other EOF assemblies, many Jesuits sincerely rejoice that the two former Provinces - France on the one hand, and French-speaking Belgium and Luxembourg on the other - are now united and that this union is taking place so fraternally. The EOF Province is no longer a newborn, it is standing upright, doing well and showing innovation in several areas, which is gratifying. Let us give thanks that we are members of an apostolic body where it goes without saying that we take care of each other and that the superiors all respond "present" when they are invited to meet and share.