He had always been against the printing of homilies, but his followers were not of the same opinion and eventually he had to give up.

"The idea had been in mind for a long time until a tourist," Roberto explains, a retired engineer in charge of pharmaceutical companies and a lover of publications, "entered the Gesù church during the 10 o’clock Sunday mass, and came out deeply impressed. Signing up to a mailing list of the community that had been launched for 3 years he proposed to make a homily book. "He thought of writing them down and publishing them," he explained. "I had the same idea also because every Sunday around 700 people participate in the celebration. So, we discussed it with Fr. Ottavio De Bertolis SJ who presides over the 10 o’clock liturgy at the Gesù Church. He was rather perplexed. "The homily is an oral literary genre, and not a written one, unless we speak of those formidable reflections left to us by the fathers of the Church. Furthermore, the vital context is the liturgical assembly, where the Word is proclaimed to the community gathered for that liturgy," Fr. Ottavio writes in the introduction to the "Homilies in the Gesù Church ", a small volume, published by StreetLib, which is a collection of the transcripts of his Sunday homilies from November 27, 2016 to November 26, 2017.

"In the end, however, he accepted" continues Roberto who had already started working on publishing the homilies of year B and C. "It is a faithful transcription of his speech with all the limits and advantages of a publication that is not intended to be transformed into a text". There was a lot of positive feedback in particular there was a demand to add the QR Code to the text so that one can listen to the homily.

"I surrendered to their enthusiasm" the Jesuit father confided "a lot of thought has gone into this book – a book which is not common at all – especially for those who cannot read because of old age or more serious problems". We hope that these recordings, as Saint Ignatius would say - can really help many souls ".

This is an example of the audio, relating to the first Sunday of Advent