The Apostleship of Prayer is the Pope’s worldwide prayer network. Its aim is to help people develop a personal prayer life in unity with the Pope’s intentions. It is also a way of allowing men and women the world over to prepare their hearts for Christ’s mission. Every month, the Apostleship focuses on an intention for the Church and the world proposed by the Pope.

The AP has been entrusted by the Holy Father to the Society of Jesus. It is present in 98 countries around the world. In many countries the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer) is the editor of magazines, books, leaflets, as well as web sites like ‘Click-to-pray’. This service is available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Since January 2016, each month, the Network produces The Pope Video in Arab, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

The Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM) is the youth offshoot of the Apostleship of Prayer present in 56 countries.

The European national directors meet biennially to share their experiences about the promotion of an active prayer life in our societies and the means they are developing to do so.


Popes Prayer Network


European Delegates Apostleship of Prayer meet in Vienna. The Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network is the new name of the Apostleship of Prayer. European representatives met in Vienna from 21-25 September. 29 delegates representing national teams attended the gathering which was facilitated by Fr Frederic Fornos SJ, who was appointed as International Director of the network in July 2016 by Pope Francis. Fr Frederic outlined the process of recreation of the Apostleship of Prayer as the Pope’s Worldwide Network since 2010. This process included the adoption of a new logo and vision for the network and the creation of digital tools such as The Pope Video, a ninety-second clip in which Pope Francis introduces his monthly intention; and Click to Pray, an app to encourage young people to pray at three moments of the day, that includes challenges to live out the Pope’s monthly intentions. Pope Francis entrusts to the network these intentions, which address the challenges facing humanity and assists the mission of the Church. In January 2017 the Pope specifically asked all Catholics to participate in the network. The Pope’s intentions “call our attention to the worldwide issues that preoccupy the Pope”, Fr Frederic remarked, explaining that praying with the Pope for his monthly intentions is not meant to be done alone but with others. “It is an outward act, which is connected to the world and opens oneself to the other”, he said. According to Fr. Frederic “prayer is oriented apostolically towards the world”, and in this way it should lead people to encounter others and “get out of the culture of indifference”. Digital services alone are not sufficient for the recreation of the Apostleship of Prayer, Fr. Frederic asserted, explaining that “we must meet people in the parishes”. Mission to the Parishes is the next step of the recreation process. We need to go out into the world and find the missionary spirit that the Apostleship of Prayer had in the beginning, he said, explaining that the goal of the network is “to help people to be available and ready for the service of the mission of Jesus Christ in their daily lives”, as outlined in ‘A pathway with Jesus in apostolic readiness’ the document approved by Pope Francis in 2014, which describes the re-creation process. Directors of the network in each country presented about where they are in the recreation process of the Apostleship of Prayer as the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.
The magazine "Mensajero" was born 150 years ago. On Friday 18 November, the Loyola Communication Group celebrated its anniversary. Pope Francis received the latest issue of the magazine recently and congratulated the editors on this occasion. Mensajero was founded in 1866 as a monthly newsletter of the Apostleship of Prayer on the initiative of the Catalan priest José Morgades. Today it is the oldest paper periodical  of Spain looking to the future thanks to the loyalty of thousands of subscribers. The first objective was translating into Spanish the French Jesuit newsletter. Now the magazine reflects reality on a key of faith, reflection and dialogue. It had the ability to adapt itself to the times in content and style. Bilbao was the city that hosted the magazine in 1883, when Fr Morgades transferred it to the Jesuits. Here it was consolidated with the support of Jesuit institutions, especially Deusto University. Since the first director, the Jesuit Cecilio Gómez Rodeles until today, with Marta Barrio, the magazine has remained as an inspiring proposal of values. In this anniversary Mensajero publishes his issue 1,480, a figure that shows that it has been present every month despite the historical facts: the Civil War (1939) with the arrest of Fr Vilariño; the dissolution of the Society of Jesus in 1932 and the floods of Bilbao (1983).
Apostleship of Prayer. Pope Francis has appointed Fr. Frédéric Fornos of the French Province International Director of the Apostleship of Prayer. In the past the General Superior of the Society of Jesus always has been the official director. Subsequently he appointed an executive secretary. 
Promoters and friends of the Sacred Heart Messenger meet Over 120 readers, promoters and friends of the Sacred Heart Messenger magazine from all over Ireland gathered at Mount St Anne’s, Killenard Co. Laois on Saturday 18 June for the annual ‘Messenger Day of Joy’. The day long event was a wonderful success as all present joyfully mingled and shared conversations with guest speakers, staff members and contributors to the magazine. Bishop Denis Nulty (picture) and Fr Peter McVerry SJ were the keynote speakers on the day, delivering talks on ‘the Joy of the Gospel’ and ‘the God of Compassion’ respectively, while a variety of workshops addressing different aspects of faith were also part of the programme. Sr Mary Threadgold spoke about the issues that are encountered in later life, and strategies for coping with them; Eileen Kane gave an illustrated presentation on ‘The Arena Chapel Padua’; Fr Paddy Byrne spoke about ‘Faith and the Young’; while Fr Paddy Carberry SJ and Fr Donal Neary SJ led guided prayer sessions in the Chapel and prayer garden of the retreat centre.   >> Read more