This network gathers the social delegates from provinces all over Europe. It is harmonized by de CEP Social Apostolate Coordinator. They celebrate an annual conference and during the year they keep in touch to share information and good practices about some of the main themes:

(1) The significance of social ministry – it may be the best witness we can give at a time when both Church and State are losing credibility. In this context we noted the prompt in GC32 (General Congregation 32) to see social justice as a dimension of all apostolic works and take on the challenge that it implies - to make explicit the link between social action and faith.

(2) The need to stay close to the poor – what form(s) is this to take? There is a broad spectrum – at one end, communities of insertion; at the other, advocacy; and in between, the possibility of many different models of solidarity (including “communities of solidarity”).

(3) Ecological concerns – Researching and advocating in issues related to exploitation of natural resources, consumerism and social problems where Jesuits in particular provinces reflect on the values of secular society