The Venice Faith and Politics Workshop

The biennial Venice Faith and Politics Workshop invites young people from across Europe to come together to explore the fascinating link between faith and politics.

A network of Jesuit centres and associates has been organising the workshops since 2006, drawing inspiration from European history and the wisdom of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola.

During the workshops, participants get the opportunity to explore Christian engagement in public life. The ultimate aim is to encourage them to engage for the common good in a world of contradictions.

Promoting the common good involves:

- Public service: justice depends on people who generously respond to a personal call to work with and for others as stewards of creation.

- Discernment: service calls for shared attention to other people’s lives and to the complexity of human motivation.

- Hope:  in a world damaged by sin, reconciliation and forgiveness are a source of power.

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From the 19th to the 26th of August, The Venice Faith and Politics Workshop once again opened its doors to young leaders, with this year’s leitmotif being: “Public service as a Christian calling”. The event's emphasis has been on spiritual growth and the accompanying reflective periods, which are merged with a stunning scenery of Venice. The main mission of the sessions: “This session enables young adults from every part of Europe to explore how faith and politics are related. This will empower them to engage, as Europeans, in public service for the common good in a world of contradictions.” (, 2018) One of this year’s guest contributor is Luc Cortebeeck, (President of the Workers’ Group and Vice-Chairperson of the ILO Governing Body, as well as the head of International Labour Organization’s executive body for the period 2017-2018).  
Understanding Christianity as a religion to transform injustice structures and with some values and a special world vision. This is one of the objectives of the course on Faith and Politics organized since 2006 by the European Jesuits, with the collaboration of its think tanks in the field of faith-justice relation and to be held in Venice in late August. It is aimed especially at young people between 20 and 35 who are interested in exploring the vocation of political life and public involvement, from the Christian perspective. Participants in previous editions value the training offered on the Social Doctrine of the Church, which is an important contribution to modern social thought but often is unknown. Also noteworthy is the opportunity it gives to meet, share and debate with other young Europeans, who have a common interest in this issue, but from countries, areas of action and diverse experiences. Among the centers that promote this course is the Jesuit European Social Centre, Brussels, which works to influence European social policies, as well as two Jesuit centers in Spain, Pignatelli center of Zaragoza and Cristianisme i Justicia, Barcelona. "Faith and Politics" course will take place in Venice from 21 to 28 August 2016, at the Jesuit International Students Hostel. For more details, registration or apply for a scholarship, visit